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Federal Funding for Libraries

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Earlier this spring, the American Library Association sent a letter to President Obama. Not surprisingly, the association stressed that “libraries are perfectly positioned to disseminate information relevant to the issues and challenges that face us as a nation.”

The letter also cited the increase use of libraries; our role in life-long learning; various federal programs that impact libraries including No Child Left Behind and the USA Patriot Act; and the need for more funding. 

The budget the President recently submitted did include a slight increase in federal funding for libraries through the Institute of Museum and Library Services, primarily for state library agencies.

In Michigan some of the federal money to the Library of Michigan is a match to state money which funds MeLCat and MeL databases. The federal and state funding needs to continue if those services are to be available to our patrons.

I’ll keep you informed as budget deliberations and the impact on our services becomes clearer.


President Barack Obama discusses the 2010 budget

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