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I recently read an article in a women’s magazine about health resources at the public library. The gist of the article was that the library is about lots more than the latest bestseller!

In the article, one woman read poetry to help her relax while dealing with a family health crisis, another found help in understanding postpartum depression, another used library computer classes and online databases to understand a thyroid problem, and a fourth turned to audiobooks when she lost her sight.

KPL has a strong health, medical, wellness collection. Most of the materials are classified between 610 and 620, but there is always a staff member to help. We have a “health” topic guide on our website and just added a section on “swine flu information.” We have audiobooks and other services for patrons with visual limitations.

Browse our website or shelves, phone the information deskask staff for help... whatever is easiest for you.


Health Topic Guide

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