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Michigan Library Stats – Part 1: Collections

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The Library of Michigan has just issued the annual digest of selected statistics about our state’s public libraries.

The information is compiled from the annual reports all public libraries must submit by February 1 each year. 

Here are a few collection statistics that are particularly interesting:

  • There are nearly 35 million books in the state’s public libraries, almost four books for every resident; the national average is 2.8 books per capita
  • Michigan residents checked out over 74.8 million items during the past year
  • Each resident checks out an overage of 7 items per year as compared to the national average of 7.3
  • On a typical day, Michigan public libraries circulate 205,179 items to some of the 4,693,192 active registered borrowers
  • We have 379 main libraries, 277 branch libraries, and 16 bookmobiles providing public library service

I’ll share programming and technology data in my next blog post.


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