Introducing LibX KPL Edition!

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For most of us, using the KPL catalog is pretty simple- go to the catalog page, enter in some text to search for, and away you go. In most cases, that's good enough. But what if you wanted a more powerful way to search? What if you were surfing your favorite non-KPL website and saw an author's name or a book title and wanted to look it up in the KPL catalog right now? Well, now you can, thanks to the LibX extension for Firefox and Internet Explorer. LibX is an open-source extension that adds a toolbar or right-click menu to your browser which you can use to search any selected text directly in the library catalog. You can also search for keywords in other sites such as Google, Wikipedia, or, and you can even look up selected books in the MelCat database and find titles held at other Michigan libraries! LibX also adds a search option to popular sites like Amazon that let you see if KPL has a book before you buy, or find a title linked from the New York Times Book Review. While the LibX extension isn't written by KPL staff and we can't guarantee that it won't conflict with your browser or other installed extensions, we've tested it with Firefox and IE and it works great. See for yourself! Just head to the LibX KPL Edition page and click the "Install" link located halfway down for your particular browser.


LibX KPL Edition

Posted by Stewart Fritz at 06/30/2009 04:47:35 PM