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Red and Me: My Coach, My Friend

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 If you’re a basketball fan, you’ll enjoy this inspiring book about the personal relationship and friendship between Bill Russell and his coach Red Auerbach.  Through their thirteen years of building a sports dynasty together, they won eleven championships in thirteen years.  Russell writes how Auerbach produced results and developed great ball players where each man gave his all, and gained back even more.

Bill Bradley said this about Russell, “Bill Russell knew his personal power and how to use it.  In that sense he was his father’s son, inspired by independence, self-confidence and strength he had observed growing up.  Russell would say that his father always had “a plan,” meaning he was always a step or two ahead of everyone else.  In basketball; Russell demonstrated the same gift and thus reconceptualized the game.  Defense had once been an afterthought; Russell saw it as the key to offense and builder of team morale.”   Russell’s account of his friendship with Auerbach is a lesson in mutual respect and understanding that grew and matured over the years.  I’ve always felt that Bill Russell is a man of great integrity, and after reading this book, my belief is reinforced.


Red and Me: My Coach, My Friend 


Posted by Valerie Osborne at 07/27/2009 12:56:39 PM