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In the “Listening Room” with Duval and Two-Track Mind

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In some libraries across the country you will still find what is commonly known as a “Listening Room.” These rooms were usually equipped with technology to play the music in the library’s collection. On July 15th the Van Deusen Room turned into a huge “Listening Room,” but instead of listening to something on LP or CD patrons were treated to the sweet sounds of Mark Duval and Two-Track Mind. The super intimate setting allowed concert-goers the chance to absorb the touching and powerful lyrics of Kalamazoo singer-songwriter Duval. The band comprised of Traci Seuss (vocals, guitar), Bill Caskey (bass), and Cori Summers (violin) were tight and entrancing. How often do you get to experience an amazing live show in such a great atmosphere?


Mark Duval, Two-Track Mind
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Posted by Kevin King at 11/13/2009 12:42:18 PM