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The Story Sisters

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Alice Hoffman’s new book, The Story Sisters, is true to form for the author – mystical and strange with compelling characters and complicated relationships. Their “stories” bump up against reality and the author’s imagery creates a beautiful, haunting, sad tale, but the reader ultimately recognizes the possibility of redemption through love. 

Although I found The Story Sisters a little more difficult to read than some of Hoffman’s other books, it was worth the effort. If you are not familiar with her work and want to try her out you might want to read one of her earlier novels first, try Practical Magic (made into a movie in 1998, starring Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock and Stockard Channing) or Turtle Moon. They are also beautifully written and also intriguing with elements of magic, but are not so dark.


Story Sisters

Posted by Martha Coash at 08/14/2009 02:32:30 PM