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Worlds Deadliest Catch!

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I'm a big fan of the TV show "World's Deadliest Catch" - about crab fishing in the Bering Sea.

I love the show for many reasons, not the least of which is that my son is a salmon fisherman in Alaska, fishing in the Bering Sea!  While salmon fishing is not as hazardous as crab fishing, he has still had his brushes with death.

Time Bandit: Two brothers, the Bering Sea, and One of the World's Deadliest Jobs  is a fascinating look at the industry from the fisherman of one of the boats profiled on the TV series. If you have watched the show, than you have seen the authors - Andy and Jonathan Hillstrand - at work.

As he says in the book "On the Bering Sea, every fisherman knows what kills. We understand that, for whatever reason, if we enter the water unprotected, we are dead. A crewman will be irretrievably wounded by hypothermia in four or five minutes,,, the cold will numb his extremities....we are not afraid of the sea; we are terrified of the water."

So if you want to live vicariously the life of a Bering Sea fisherman - than delve into this book and enjoy!


Time Bandit: Two brothers, the Bering Sea, and one of the worlds deadliest jobs

Posted by Martha Lohrstorfer at 08/18/2009 09:49:54 AM