Sudan: Land of Blood at Powell

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Come and visit the Alma Powell Branch and view our newest art acquisition Sudan: land of blood. During our June Art Hop we greatly appreciated the Sudan: Land of Blood along with many other extraordinary paintings in Fred Zemlick’s exhibition. At the closing of his June and July showing Fred Zemlick honored our branch by presenting this gift of art to the library.

We are hoping that many people from the Powell community will stop in and tell us what the Sudan: land of blood says to them. What is its message? What does it symbolize?

The Powell Branch would like to thank Fred Zemlick for showing his work in our Barnabee Gallery and giving us this valued piece of art for our branch. Fred’s next showing will be at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Portage. And in October he will be at the new Midtown Gallery on the Mall.


Sudan: Land of Blood

Posted by Judi Rambow at 08/24/2009 09:10:10 AM