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Lit: A Memoir

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Mary Karr described her Texas childhood in The Liar’s Club, her adolescence in Cherry (also available in audiobook form), and now her descent into alcoholism, her stay at the “Mental Marriott,” and her resurrection in Lit.

I thought I had read enough memoirs of a hard life, dysfunctional family, drugs, and alcohol, but since I liked her writing in the first two memoirs, I wanted to know what followed.

This is more than a story of alcoholism and the effects on a marriage. It is about coming to terms with family, a needy self, a spiritual longing, and rediscovering your writing voice.

She is a masterful storyteller of her fight for survival during her late teen, college, early career, and motherhood years. This one stands alone or as the third in the memoir series.


Lit: A Memoir

Posted by Ann Rohrbaugh at 11/27/2009 10:33:50 AM