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Swoosh  Crackle  Chug  Beep --

These are a few of the onomatopoeia words that imitate sounds associated with the objects or actions referred to in this children's book called Snow Sounds (An Onomatopoeic Story) by author & illustrator David A. Johnson. I was pleased to find he adds this definition to the outside back cover. This is one of those delightful random picks that I spotted based on the eye-catching artwork. The 30 pages of watercolor art take us on a journey starting with the hush of snowfall as child and cat snore and purr sleepily the morning of December 23. The story goes back and forth from inside the house to what’s happening outside the house. As the first county plow clears a main road it is still very dark outside and the artist depicts the quiet early morning with muted and speckled blues and grays. It is his use of white as with the headlights, house windows, the tree with lights in the front yard and, of course, the snow that makes the scenes and the progression of morning come alive. Eventually the paths are all cleared and it’s time to get on the bus for school. Mom rushes out to her son getting on the bus as he’s forgotten to take a little gift to school with him. A big smile on his face, it looks like it's going to be a good day. The last page reveals the gift but I think the gift is really for us. Grin grin.


Snow Sounds

Posted by Mike Noblit at 01/04/2010 10:17:43 AM