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E-Readers @ KPL

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The e-reader choices are expanding – the Kindle, the Sony E-Reader, the recently announced Nook, and the Apple Tablet expected later this month. With each new device, there is more news coverage in the popular press.

Amazon announced that on Christmas Day, for the first time ever, it sold more e-books than regular paper books. It sounds as if lots of folks received Kindles for Christmas.

If you, like me, did not receive an e-reader but would like to try one, visit Central Library, AV department. We have Sony E-Readers to loan. We chose that model as a better fit for library use than the others.

I still don’t think paper books will go away, at least not in my library career, but e-readers certainly have a place and it good to keep up with the latest “gadget.”

Come visit soon for an e-reader or a book….we have both!


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Posted by Ann Rohrbaugh at 01/18/2010 08:22:25 AM | 

I have been using a Kindle for over a year. It is now my preferred reading experience. I am very nearsighted and the ability to increase font size has been a terrific boon. I have trouble with normal print books but still prefer them to cumbersome large-print books. The Kindle is the best of both. I have not tried the Sony reader so I will have to come to KPL and try one out.
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