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Point Omega

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Acclaimed author Don Delillo’s newest book is a spare yet poetic novella that continues to draw upon the themes of his earlier works but also differs greatly in the way that his prose has become much more taut and compressed. His fiction has grown grimmer and those touches of gallows humor that surfaced in books like White Noise have dried up almost entirely in Point Omega. Unlike his previous novels like the award-winning Underworld, that often sought to explore broad social and cultural facets of the post-war American experience, Point Omega’s narrative is set mostly in the desert with only a couple of characters. It reads like an atmospheric meditation on the subject of time and how it slowly extends and retreats, expands and deletes, all amidst the background of big-picture history (Iraq War) and its menacing Other, the illusory image. Admirers of books like Cormac McCarthy’s The Road will appreciate Point Omega for its bleak pessimism and stark observations but for those who require the sweet artifice of easy answers and the entertainment of bread and circuses from their fiction, they should look elsewhere. Delillo can be heard talking about his new novel during a recent interview on NPR.


Point Omega

Posted by Ryan Gage at 02/16/2010 02:34:05 PM