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Joy of Reading

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While looking for some books recently, I came upon an essay on the joy of reading. It reminded me why I was attracted to a library career many years ago – I loved to read and still do. Some of my younger colleagues were attracted to a library career for the technology and informational aspects of library work. Not me, it was all about the books and reading; the other attractions to a library career came later.

I read just about everything from books to magazines to newspapers. It might sound trite, but passionate readers know it is true – it feels wonderful to lose yourself in a book, to transcend your present situation. I’ve been all over the world in all different time periods; I’ve “met” Lincoln, my favorite president; I’ve received self-help advice from experts.

“Never leave home without a book” is my “rule”. You never know when you might need to wait and have a few minutes to read.

Come visit soon. We have lots of good books – you can easily get lost in one of them.


Books and Reading

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I personally keep a motivational blog to keep me going and to help others along that read it. It is a constant process, not to learn and forget, we need to reestablish this concept.
Posted by: markhenes ( Email ) at 1/9/2011 2:13 PM

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