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Come Back, Como

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This true story of a San Franciso family features Steve and Sally Winn and their 12 year old daughter Phoebe. Steve’s accounts of life with Como, the 12 pound white terrier they adopt from an animal shelter, takes the reader on an up and down Frisco streets bare-foot running bathrobe flapping chronicle of how they learn to adjust to life with Como who, horrifically, had been abused by a male.

Como, named after a lake in Italy where the family had vacationed, naturally distrusts decent Steve who painstakingly and patiently attempts to win the dog’s trust and affection. Life with Como is difficult for Steve and the reader has empathy for both Steve and for Como. Steve deserves tremendous praise for his endurance for Como. Steve, Sally and Phoebe eventually uncover the dog’s true personality and appropriately christen him “Z” because he is Z: the oddest, zingiest, zaniest letter in the alphabet … elusive and zigzagging!


Come Back, Como; Winning the Heart of a Reluctant Dog

Posted by Amy Chase at 04/28/2010 08:05:32 AM