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Librarian Keith Richards??

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I recently read that Keith Richards has confessed to a secret longing to be a librarian. Yes, THAT Keith Richards, he of the Rolling Stones, the greatest rock and roll band of all times in the opinion of many! Isn’t that an interesting visual??

He has said he has been “quietly nurturing his inner bookworm” and considered some type of training (that would be librarianship!) to manage the 1000’s of books at his various homes. He says he started to arrange his books in categories but gave up, instead opting to keep his favorites close at hand. He also loans books to friends with little hope of getting them back and leaves books by the bedside for guests in his homes.

Richards’ autobiography, Life, will be released in the fall. According to advance publicity, he will reveal how he found comfort in books before he discovered music.

I expect we’ll be ordering his book for our collection; how could we not when he writes that the public library is one of two institutions that affect one most powerfully! By the way, the other is the church, he says.


Keith Richards’ Library

Posted by Ann Rohrbaugh at 05/24/2010 08:22:06 AM | 

I’m not surprised – Jack-soaked rock star shtick aside, Richards is truly a unique individual. “Life” should be an interesting read. It still cracks me up to think that Depp modeled his Captain Jack Sparrow character after Keef… and even pulled Richards in for a cameo… too funny!
Posted by: Keith ( Email ) at 5/24/2010 9:17 AM

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