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Mask Petting Zoo

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Commedia Zuppa presented BOXHEAD, a program featuring masks and much more at the Central Library on Tuesday. What a great program! Before and after the performance, audience members had the opportunity to try on real hand-made theatrical masks created by these theater professionals. Made out of neoprene and each one of a kind, the masks themselves were very cool. The theater program was great fun! Inspired by the classic Where the Wild Things Are and The Phantom Tollbooth, BOXHEAD is a gentle look at what can happen when you get so angry you lose your head.

There are lots of great programs at your library. Take a look at our calendar and don't forget to sign up for Summer Reading Games! There's a game for everyone from birth through adults.


Mask Petting Zoo

Posted by Bill Caskey at 06/23/2010 03:35:45 PM