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Our “National Novel” Turns 50

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To Kill a Mockingbird is turning fifty this summer. Not surprisingly, it’s getting lots of media attention.

One newsletter writer referred to it as “more than a literary classic; it’s a 50-year testament to the ways a well-told story can inspire readers and impact a culture”.

Oprah referred to it our “national novel”. Others have suggested it as a parenting manual, a novel that taught other novelists how to write, the only way to understand racism. Author Anna Quindlen said she can’t be friends with anyone who doesn’t get Scout.

Many events are being organized across the country – readings, live re-enactments, showings of the movie, book discussions. A 50th anniversary hardcover edition will be published by HarperCollins.

The enduring interest in this novel is due to the subject – coming-of-age and the trial – as well as the writing itself. It takes on racism with a stand of what is right without, as one columnist has written, a tone of self-righteousness.

With the 50th anniversary, a new generation of readers may discover this treasure. For those of us who read it many years ago, it’s time to reread it.


To Kill a Mockingbird

Posted by Ann Rohrbaugh at 07/12/2010 09:42:27 AM | 

Is the library planning anything special in honor of this book? I am reading it for the first time (which is crazy for a dedicated reader and educator to admit). I am really enjoying it and would love an opportunity to discuss it with others. I love the comment in your blog about it being a "parenting manual".
Posted by: Sarah Drumm ( Email ) at 8/3/2010 10:59 AM

We do not have anything planned at this time. If I hear of anything locally though, I'll let you know. I'm glad you are enjoying the book. It is certainly getting lots of media attention this year - magazine articles, websites, etc.
Posted by: AnnR ( Email ) at 8/5/2010 1:28 PM

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