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Is Charlotte Brontё the New Jane Austen?

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 Rumor has it that Jane Austen is falling out of vogue and that Charlotte Brontё and her sisters are the new literary IT women. With the recent economic downturn, it seems that readers have turned their interest towards the Brontё’s who were more materially and economically impoverished than Austen and did not have Austen’s social standing. I have been a longstanding Jane Austen fan so I was intrigued. Austen and Brontё have been under the comparison microscope for a long time. I can imagine many of you took a high school or college class where their works were part of the discussion and literary paper “fighting ring” of criticism.
Jane Austen was born in 1775 and died in 1817. She was the seventh child (second daughter), and her father was a Reverend. Charlotte Brontё was born in 1816 and died in 1854. She was the third child (third daughter) of six children, and her father was also a Reverend. Charlotte’s well-known sisters Emily and Anne were born in 1818 and 1820 respectively. Whether you have a preference or are now curious about one or all of these famous British women authors, KPL has a wonderful selection of their materials for you to check out and decide for yourself. Just click on these links to our library catalog to explore works by Jane Austen or works by the Brontё sisters to decide for yourself. Maybe you will enjoy reacquainting yourself with an old favorite of yours or perhaps you will find a new one. Who knows, maybe you will discover you are an Austen fan, a Brontё fan or maybe both. Happy Reading!


The Brontё Myth

Posted by Diane Randall at 09/02/2010 11:03:59 AM