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Why Architecture Matters

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To me few subjects, perhaps with the exceptions of Haute Couture or Contemporary Art, lend themselves so seamlessly to a certain type of verbose and overinflated writing style more than architecture. Yet Paul Goldberger’s Why Architecture Matters, a book focused entirely on writing about buildings, avoids all of the bombast and self-consciousness affectation that can plague writing about architecture and yet passionately and eloquently discusses the subject in a very satisfying and readable way. Goldberg, who many may know from his role as the architecture critic for the New Yorker, clearly has a deep understanding of buildings and what makes them great, or not. But it’s his refusal to show any overt favoritism toward a particular architectural style or period and to instead use his engaging conversational style to discuss the subtle and ever shifting criteria that we use to discuss and judge a buildings worth that matters about Why Architecture Matters.


Why Architecture Matters

Posted by Michael Cockrell at 09/23/2010 02:26:48 PM