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Staff-recommended reading from the KPL catalog.

Lunch Lady to the Rescue!

My 7 year old son Hayden and I are having a great time reading Jarrett Krosoczka's series of graphic novels about an unlikely superhero:  the Lunch Lady.  Using all sorts of gadgets like taco-vision night goggles, a spork phone, and a spatula helicopter created by her lunch lady sidekick Betty, she foils the evil plans of school librarians, cyborg substitutes, and visiting authors.  Lunch Lady breaks out with one of our favorite quotes while taking on a cyborg army, "Should I serve up some whaaamburgers and cries?" 

Hayden is a little behind in his reading skills and these have been great books for him to read to me and get some practice. 


Lunch Lady and the Cyborg Substitute
Steve S
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