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It's very, very long

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I remember being very excited to see this in our catalog, where I could put a hold on it before it hit the shelves. But then I got it.

Before you prepare to start this three volume autobiography, you should know two things. First, the first volume is over 700 pages. In other words, how interested are you in Mark Twain?

Second, the index in the back of the book is bad. I use indexes. I was hoping to use this index to pinpoint parts of the autobiography that I would enjoy; especially areas of Mark Twain's thought that might be interesting, or controversial, or insightful. But the index seems to have no subjects--only places, people, and events. There is no entry, for example, on "religion," or "God," or related juicy topics. I brought my copy back. Perhaps I should have given it more time and effort? Please comment if you had a better experience!


Autobiography of Mark Twain. Volume 1

Posted by Matt Smith at 01/31/2011 11:10:33 AM