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Where in the World??

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As those who have read my columns know, I love looking at maps and atlases. I have a good collection of them at home, but it doesn't compare with the riches available here at KPL. And now ... for something completely different. This volume came to my attention only a couple of weeks ago. Maps I wouldn't have thought to exist are presented here. I think my favorite is the one on page 100, which is of Carpatho-Ukraine, a country that was independent in 1939 for only one day! There are also maps of proposed boundaries that never came to fruition, such as the 38-state plan that had Kalamazoo in a state called Dearborn. Another one is a plan to break up the United States into 16 new nations, under the premise that such a large population has become too unwieldy to govern from Washington. Michigan would be in a country named The Boundary Waters. The author does have some unflattering comments about Michigan pioneer Henry Rowe Schoolcraft, but I guess I'll forgive him for those, since there is so much other material in this book to enjoy. Come take a look.


Strange maps : an atlas of cartographic curiosities

Posted by David DeVries at 06/29/2011 06:45:53 PM