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Don't Breathe a Word

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Are you one of the chosen?  Those are the words across the cover of the book above the haunting, crystal bluish-grey-green eyes of a child.  She is Lisa, Queen of the Fairies.

When I started reading the book and discovered it might be a fantasical jaunt through a world of mystical, other worldly beings, I was leery.  Not something I would normally read.  But, the narration flip between Lisa from 15 years ago and Phoebe from today both trying to find some meaning in their lives kept me intrigued.  I like stories written like that, so I read on.  Before I knew it, I was half way done and couldn't put the book down.  I'm not a devourer of books at all.  I kind of nibble on them, a couple at a time.  I'm a slow reader, at best. Jennifer McMahon, however, kept me reading deep into the early morning.  Craftily detailed, suspenseful, strewn with the possibility of another world, but not so much so that it soured a reader not believing in such things, this book is both haunting and exciting at the same time. Caught between children's imaginations and the reality of life, the reader is easily (and ironically) sucked in.

I can't wait to read her other novels.


Don't Breathe a Word

Posted by Jennifer Cornell at 07/11/2011 03:43:58 PM