Girl Who Fell from the Sky

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This haunting and beautifully written novel left me wondering if Rachel finds peace, happiness and herself. Rachel, the daughter of a Danish mother and a black soldier, becomes the sole survivor of a family tragedy. Her strict African American grandmother, who lives in a mostly black community, becomes her guardian. Rachel’s blue eyes, light-brown skin and beauty bring attention her way as she struggles with her identity. Durrow explores the issues of racial identity–like does a bi-racial child identity more strongly with one race or another? The Girl Who Fell from the Sky is a winner of the Bellwether Prize which recognizes fiction that addresses issues of social justice. I love a book when the author can generate a strong emotional feeling and this certainly did it for me.


The Girl Who Fell from the Sky

Posted by Valerie Osborne at 09/20/2011 08:00:38 AM