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Geek lit icon Neal Stephenson is back with a near future thriller titled REAMDE that is sure to please fans of his 90’s cyberpunk fiction as well as those who crave the dense and erudite yet page-turning fiction that he seems capable of churning out in reams (six 1,000+ page novels in the last decade or so!). REAMDE at its core is a straight ahead thriller, but it maintains Stephenson’s uber-nerd sensibilities as it careens through a twisting plot path that includes an elaborate World of Warcraft like massively multiplayer online game and the company that runs it, a computer virus that leverages the game to extract “real” ransom from users, menacing Russian gangsters, Chinese hackers, a welsh jihadist terrorist, heart thumping chase’s, and plenty of gun fights. It’s a wild ride; and the fact that Stephenson can make this 1,000+ page tome feel like a page-turner is a testament to his considerable talent.



Posted by Michael Cockrell at 11/11/2011 10:25:51 AM