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Children's Magazines @ KPL

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Reading a large stack of magazines is one of my favorite things to do when I'm relaxing. Something about perusing the short articles just fills me with inspiration. I love that my library gives me access to so many favorite magazines without a monthly commitment from me! I like to read a few things here and there when I have time. My favorite magazines are of the crafting, interior decorating, and cooking variety but most recently, I’ve been delving in to the world of children’s and parenting magazines. We have a great selection of magazines in the KPL Children’s Room. The collection includes magazines written for kids like Ladybug and Ask, as well as magazines written for families, like Hip Mama and Parenting

My new favorite is Chop Chop. It’s a family magazine filled with kid-friendly tips and articles for healthy cooking and eating. I love to cook and have already started sharing kitchen time with my young daughter. She is so interested in everything we are doing right now that it only makes sense to involve her in one of our favorite family activities. Chop Chop gives me simple and fresh ideas in each issue!


Children's Magazines at KPL


Posted by Andrea Vernola at 01/03/2012 12:47:52 PM