Memory and Obsession

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Dana Spiotta's new novel, Stone Arabia, is about memory and obsession.  Denise, the novel's narrarator explores her relationship with her brother Nik, who is a musician.  Nik is creative and started several bands that almost made it, but not finding popular success doesn't stop Nik's flow of work.  Strangely, not only does Nik continue to be prolific in recording music, he creates The Chronicles which compile the history of his fictional bands complete with album and concert reviews that he writes. 

As Nik obsesses about his own little made up world, Denise obsesses about other people's problems she encounters through the media.  Interestingly, Denise does not criticize the media bombardment we experience for desensitizing us to tragedy, but the exact opposite.  She feels it makes her too sensitive to too many people's problems about which she can really do nothing. 


Stone Arabia

Posted by Steve Siebers at 02/02/2012 03:20:24 PM | 

I have read this book. This book is really amazing! I really like how the author made the story very interesting and memorable as well. After I have read the book, I was able to reflect on myself because I also have an obsession on some things in my life. I also like how Denise was able to overcome all her problems in life which made me realize that every problem has a solution.
Posted by: Stephen Lim ( Email ) at 1/30/2013 2:30 AM

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