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Parenting with Love & Logic

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I first learned about these principles when my daughter’s teacher sent some information in a newsletter about a workshop at Wile Auditorium, part of Kalamazoo RESA. This sounded very interesting and my wife and I attended the workshop. We were so impressed by the principles being taught that I just had to learn more. Sure enough KPL has the book, so I checked it out and my wife and I are reading it together.   I am so excited about this book that I just could not wait until we finished reading it before I had to share it in my blog. This book teaches that the sooner a parent can start applying these principles in raising their children, the better chance they will have of learning basic skills that will help them to become more independent later in life.

Ultimately, these principles will teach children to be able to face life’s difficult challenges out in the “real world.”  This book helps us understand the different types of parenting styles.  It explains how styles, such as “The Drill Sargent,” or “The Helicopter Parent,” where although the parent has good intentions, is actually not doing their children any favors, and could be setting them up for failure.  By allowing them to make decisions at a young age where the consequences are still small, allowing them to fail at times, we are actually helping them build these skills.  This is a way to teach them how to make good decisions that will ensure that they will be better prepared to make them later on in life, when the consequences continue to become more severe. 

Kids are just little people, who have feelings, and as parents we need to set the example. This book shows us that sometimes what we meant to say, and what is perceived can be drastically different, and much care should be taken with how you approach situations where your child’s behavior may not be up to your expectations.  Studying Parenting with Love and Logic will not only help you with raising more responsible children, but can also be applied to your everyday life, and help build better personal relationships, become a better employee, educator, or even a more effective manager.


Parenting with Love & Logic

Posted by Jim Clarey at 02/03/2012 05:34:10 PM