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New Look in Teen

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There’s a new look in Teen Services on the lower level of Central Library.

Teen patrons and our staff in teen have long wished for an area separate from the rest of the lower level to allow for teen programming and discussions there without disturbing others. We now have it, along with a bright, fresh look.

We’ve installed a divider between the teen area and the AV collection. Large windows provide an open feeling but create a separate area. Computers have been moved to a counter mounted on the divider to free up space for a programming / discussion / hang-out area for teens.

Along with the divider, we have bright, 2012 colors thanks to our Facilities Management staff.

You don’t need to be a teen to stop by for a look. You might wish you had had a teen area like this when you were in middle and high school though – I do.



Teen Services

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