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The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had

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Dit is disappointed to learn that the new postmaster’s child is a girl, not a boy, as he’d been led to expect. The whole town of Moundville, Alabama is surprised that the newcomers to town are black. Emma, the postmaster’s daughter, is as different from Dit as she could be – smart, well-read, a very thoughtful only child. Dit is a white boy from a family of twelve. He loves to fish, play baseball, skip stones, and hunt. How could they ever be friends?

Despite their differences, Dit and Emma each learn from the other, and they develop a close friendship. Together, they witness a horrific, unthinkable incident and learn more about how different ‘justice’ is for ‘coloreds,’ than it is for white folks in 1917 Alabama. The two devise a courageous plan to alter the course of justice. 

Kristin Levine is a fabulous storyteller. This book kept me up late at night, turning pages and reading ‘just one more chapter.’ You know the deal. It's her first novel, and I hope we may look forward to many more.


The Best Bad Luck I Ever Had

Posted by Christine Hann at 08/26/2010 01:35:27 PM