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Kofi and His Magic

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Maya Angelou writes great children's Books!

Maya Angelou is most famous for her uplifting poetry and her great voice. Many people are familiar with titles like Still I Rise and Even the stars look lonesome. Maya Angelou is not only a poet but also a historian, actress, civil rights activist and world traveler. What many people might not know is that Maya Angelou is a great writer of children’s books. She has written delightful books on the children of Africa. Books like Kofi and His Magic gives a reader a very descriptive view of the villages of Ghana. This magical story tells a make-believe tale of a little boy named Kofi and his many travels through Ghana in his imagination. He only has to imagine himself in another village and he is there. Through Kofi’s mind-travel the reader learns a little of nearby villages’ history, geography and customs. Another book written by Maya Angelou for children is My Painted House, My Friendly Chicken, and Me. Maya Angelou tells the story of a little South African Ndebele girl and relationship with her brother and her beloved chicken.

These are great books to share. Pick one up and enjoy.

Kofi and His Magic

Posted by Judi Rambow at 05/26/2008 06:34:52 PM