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Here’s a plug for the topic guides on the new KPL website. During my first post-launch visit to the site, I found that the highlighted topic guide was “Parenting.” I took a look and realized that the guide will be useful for a local committee I’m serving on.

Today I distributed copies of the Parenting guide to the group.  They were impressed to see such a variety of resources gathered together… …KPL catalog headings and website topics, books recommended by staffdatabasesnewspapers and magazinescommunity resources and websites.

The committee includes some early childhood development experts and educators, and they offered some suggestions for additional resources we could add. I’m glad the new website will be interactive so users of the topic guides can help us make them even better!


mother reading while child jumps on bed

Posted by Mary Doud at 06/13/2008 04:04:02 PM | 

Thanks for the work! This is very timely because nowadays, teen issues like teen pregnancy, sex and drugs are popping up more frequently on television, in movies and on magazine covers. This is gonna be a great guide for effective parenting.
Posted by: troubled teen program ( Email | Visit ) at 7/30/2008 3:02 PM

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