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Speaking of Two-wheeled Adventures….

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Why do I recommend Cycling’s Greatest Misadventures?

First, consider Bob Mina’s “Spin Cycle,” the second piece in the book .  It’s laugh-out-loud funny, grab-a-tissue and-hold-onto-your-sides funny.  Your co-workers won’t know if you’re laughing or crying (well, if you’re reading it at work, as I was, in preparing to write this blog entry.)

Additionally, the story Erich Schweikher recounts in the introduction is kinda sweet. 

Then there’s the deeply-moving “The Shock and Numbness are Starting to Set In,” by Heather Andersen, a bike trip leader processing a profound, ironic, upsetting experience, as she shares the details with the readers.

This collection, edited by Erich Schweikher and Paul Diamond, contains 27 true stories, some of which were too scary for me to read, but others of which really inspired.  If you like two-wheeled adventures, don’t miss this book!


Cycling's Greatest Misadventures

Posted by Christine Hann at 08/26/2008 12:21:09 PM