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Night Wraps the Sky

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Vladimir Mayakovsky’s titanic voice made him the first Soviet “rap star” and “literary bad boy” to emerge after the Russian revolution of 1917. His avant garde experimentations with futurist poetics, his hyperbolic style of emotionally charged verse, his romantically intense yet doomed love affairs, and his descent from “poet laureate of the revolution” to disillusioned apologist for a flawed social experiment have all been lovingly compiled in “Night Wraps the Sky”, a book of writings about his life and work in addition to newly translated versions of his prose. For those of us who discovered and were drawn to Mayakovsky’s electrically charged verse that gave voice to both lyric heartache and the spirit of revolutionary possibilities while in the midst of our angst-filled college years, this is the book we’ve been waiting for. This eclectic compilation of his work and chronicles of his life serves as a wonderful companion to lovers of poetry who gaze across their book shelves and see inscribed upon the spines of books the names RimbaudGinsbergO’HaraRexrothPasternakAkhmatovaPlath, and Brodsky.


Night wraps the sky : writings by and about Mayakovsky


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