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Please pass the Alka-Seltzer. Now.

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When, through a review, I discovered the premise of this square-shaped volume by James Lileks, I was offended. The 1950s is one of my favorite historical periods to study, and I simply could not countenance someone making fun of the well-intentioned people who lived during that time. Nevertheless, I couldn’t resist picking it up and looking at it. I ended up reading the whole thing during my dinner hours here at the library (of all times!). From the cover: "WARNING: This is not a cookbook. You’ll find no tongue-tempting treats within – unless, of course, you consider Boiled Cow Elbow with Plaid Sauce to be your idea of a tasty meal. You too will look at these products of post-war cuisine and ask: WHAT WERE THEY THINKING?” I laughed all the way through this book, sometimes out loud, as did my Ohio sister and her husband, to whom I loaned this literary and photographic tour de force.


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Posted by David DeVries at 09/20/2008 04:43:46 PM