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A Tale from the Arabian Nights

While doing some book re-arranging recently, I came across The Angel with One Hundred Wings : A Tale from the Arabian Nights by Daniel Horch.   This book is loosely based on one of the many Arabian Nights tales and is a fun, quick read.  It encompasses a love story with a little treachery and betrayal.  Set in Baghdad in the 9th century, it is truly a "once upon a time" story--enchanting and mystical.  The main character is an alchemist who dares to lose everything to help the Prince of Persia pursue the young lady with whom he is enamoured.  So, for a weekend read during a dreary fall, pre-winter season, light a jasmine scented candle, cuddle up in your favorite blanket and join Abulhassan on his journey...


The Angel with One Hundred Wings

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