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For John Irving Fans

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John Irving fans will find a lot to like in this novel full of interesting, complex characters, nearly all of whom have serious flaws and idiosyncrasies.  Jack Burns is about four years old, precocious and just becoming aware of his world when his mother Alice begins to “educate” him.  Young Jack travels with his mother, a tattoo artist known as “Daughter Alice,” to search for his father.  Jack grows up abused by the young women in his school and by the adults in his life.

When his mother dies of cancer, Jack is a dysfunctional, highly successful Hollywood actor who has never had a meaningful relationship. When he decides to unravel the tales his mother told him growing up, his psychosis deepens as he learns the truth. When Jack finally finds his sister and father, the book ends interestingly and even positively. It is a long book, but as most Irving novels are, it is well worth reading; extremely sad but somehow fulfilling.

Another bonus is that this title is available on audio cd and cassette as well as in large type.


Until I Find You

Posted by Martha Coash at 11/19/2008 11:07:21 AM