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BakeWise: Taking Control of the Oven

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Why is it that most baking recipes – even for the sweetest of treats – calls for a touch of salt? A little salt makes it sweeter, says Shirley Corriher, food scientist and author of BakeWise.

Corriher’s kitchen wisdom has been sought by home cooks, chefs and even by a Keebler plant manager trying to get the right texture for his cookies. You may have seen her on Food TV’s Good Eats, talking chemistry with Alton Brown.

In BakeWise, Corriher shares the hows and whys of good baking, offering 200 recipes for everything from brownies to baguettes. She explains with enthusiastic delight why the cookies crumble (or don't), why the muffins lose their tops, and why the soufflés are flat.

Knowing a bit more about food chemistry will take the mystery out of baking, but not the adventure.



Posted by Lisa Williams at 04/18/2011 03:22:15 PM