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Attention All Gymnasts!

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One of the newest American Girl’s has arrived just in time for the 2012 Summer Olympics. McKenna written by Mary Casanova introduces us to 10 year old McKenna who lives for gymnastics. Of course the 2012 Summer Olympics which will be held in London, England from July 27th to August 12, 2012 and will include many gymnastic events. Summer Olympics feature both Artistic and Rhythmic competitions. It never fails that after the Olympics are over, there will be a surge of young kids signing up at the gyms to take classes in gymnastics.

Fourth grader McKenna Brooks lives for gymnastics. We see her in school thinking about her floor, vault, beam and bar routines. But this year in school she has started to struggle with her work and in particular her reading. Early on her parents are concerned and want to help her – they tell her that if her grades don’t improve she may have to spend less time at the gym. Both McKenna’s parents and her teacher do not want her falling behind in her studies. As McKenna continues to struggle with her school work, her teacher thinks a tutor might be the answer. Josie, McKenna’s tutor helps her with her reading comprehension and much more.

Josie, confined to a wheel chair, helps McKenna face her challenges with school and gymnastics. Just as McKenna begins to shine in school she is sidelined with a gymnastics injury and her confidence unravels. Now she is worried about her grades and earning a spot on the elite competitive gymnastics team. Fortunately with the help of McKenna’s family and Josie she is able to regain edge.

This new American Girl and her friends will be a nice addition for summer reading fun. Don’t miss the 2nd title in the series McKenna Ready to Fly!



Posted by Nancy Smith at 05/14/2012 04:33:57 PM