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Home Preserving

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The recording-breaking heat this summer has lead to an abundance of reddening tomatoes in my garden—a bit earlier than usual.  I love growing lots of tomatoes because they can be preserved easily and they make great additions to soup and stews in the winter months.  It’s always a nice reminder of summertime when I open a can of homegrown tomatoes in the dead of winter! 

Although preserving vegetables isn’t difficult, in order to ensure safety, canners must be precise.  I use the Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving to get canning recipes and tips for problem-solving.  It includes recipes for jams, salsas, and all sorts of canned vegetables.  It’s a great guide for beginners, but offers plenty of great recipes for experienced canners. 



Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving

Posted by Caitlin Hoag at 08/03/2012 01:42:47 PM