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Another book for the list

Like many of us, I have an extensive 'to-read' list.  (Actually, it's multiple lists and collections of clippings and hastily scribbled notes).  In my email today, a newsletter of recent releases had an item that caught my eye: Of dice and men: The story of Dungeons and Dragons and the people who play it by David Ewalt, which has now been added to the list.  Though I've never been a fanatical player, I am definitely a nerd, and I have a soft spot in my heart for dice with more than six sides, so this book looks like a fun read. 

The library has this book on order, so I can place a hold, or (more reasonably given the number of items I already have checked out) place it on one of my KPL lists.  Do you know about this great feature?  From the item record, I can click on the "Select an Action" button and choose "Add to My Lists" which will put the item on a list that is either temporary (if I'm not logged in) or attached to my account (if I am).  In the latter case, I can log in and look at the titles on my list, and place a hold from there.


Of dice and men

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