My Name is Parvana

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While I was listening to a Sunday news program and looking at today’s Sunday newspaper both brought to my attention that on this Tuesday (10/8/2013), Malala Yousafzai’s autobiography, I Am Malala will be released. You will remember that one year ago, Malala was shot by the Taliban.

Masked Taliban gunmen boarded her school bus and shot her in the head and neck. Malala was targeted for her activism. She spoke out about education for girls and against the Taliban faction that controls many parts of Pakistan. The Taliban believe that girls and women should be restricted to their home to serve their husbands and family. Malala’s father started and ran the girls school that she attended.

When Malala was 11 years old, she started speaking out for girls’ education. She gave speeches and wrote blogs for the British media. Malala wrote about the war around her between the Pakistani military and the Taliban. She was supposed to be silenced by the gunmen. But Malala lived and she is sharing her story through her recently published book.

All this reminded me of a book I read earlier this year by Deborah Ellis. My Name is Parvana, is the sequel to the book, The Breadwinner.

In My Name is Parvana, Parvana is now fifteen. She remembers the horrors of the last 4 years of her life. She remembers her struggle to survive while she is separated from her family, her home and the life she had known. This story picks up with Parvana being reunited with her Mother and sisters. They have been living in a village where her Mother has finally been able to open a school for girls. Attending school has been Parvana’s dream but her dream doesn’t last. Her story tells of the hardships they all face when starting the school, trying to keep the school running and the girls safe when the war in Afghanistan is far from over. Both the girls and the school are targeted and Parvana’s story is not unlike Malala’s. Both girls’ show unbelievable strength and courage. Life is hard and sometimes it is so hard you cannot understand how either of these young girls carry on and survive.

My Name Is Parvana, is a story that will long stay with you. It is such a strong story, you will be reminded of these brave young women often. Both books, The Breadwinner and My Name is Parvana should be on your reading list.


My Name is Parvana

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