In Memoriam for 2008

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They may have passed on in 2008 but their life's work will continue to resonate from the books, films and cd's by and about them.

Robert Rauschenberg (Artist)

Harold Pinter (Writer, Actor, Political Activist)

Paul Newman (Actor)

David Foster Wallace (Writer)

Heath Ledger (Actor)

Tim Russert (Journalist)

Bobby Fischer (Chess Player)

Arthur C. Clarke (Writer)

Sidney Pollock (Actor, Director)

Eartha Kitt (Actor, Singer)

Isaac Hayes (Musician)


Robert Rauschenberg : breaking boundaries


Posted by Ryan Gage at 12/31/2008 01:03:30 PM | 

I enjoyed the Rauschenberg book. I especially liked reading about his art creation process. He allowed and encouraged chaos into his controlled environment. Thanks for the recommendation!
Posted by: kristin ( Email ) at 1/6/2009 2:33 PM

i enjoyed this book also i am weak in english but it was written in very simple english
Posted by: Arty boy ( Email | Visit ) at 7/20/2009 3:28 AM

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