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Eat your vegetables!

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Are you an adventurous eater or a fussy eater? Do you welcome new flavors or analyze what’s before you? Do you drive past that fast food restaurant and think how much easier it would be to get a bucket to go than try to fix a healthy chicken dish? Children from about age two try to assert their independence in various ways including rejecting foods they think they don’t like. What’s a parent to do? Puree squash and add it to macaroni and cheese, cauliflower puree with scrambled eggs, broccoli puree in chicken nuggets are all ideas shared by Jessica Seinfield in Deceptively delicious: simple secrets to get your kids eating good food. Annabel Karmel shares recipes that are quick and tasty for kids in The fussy eaters’ recipe book. Michael van Straten and Barbara Griggs write about Super foods for children introduces children to healthy eating for life. These and others are just some books that may give you ideas for more enjoyable meals.


Deceptively delicious

Posted by Joanna Lundberg at 01/23/2009 03:44:11 PM