Amazing Baby: The Amazing Story of the First Two Years of Life

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Remember the swimming baby on the cover of Nirvana’s Nevermind? Amazing Baby explains infants’ swimming ability along with lots of other amazing baby facts in this really readable book loaded with pictures of lots of incredibly cute babies. Several of the gorgeous full-page color images are paired with semi-transparent overlays depicting anatomical systems at baby scale. On the topic of communication, Amazing Baby presents a holistic view of language development from first cries and the uniquely human anatomy that facilitates speech to the immensely important role that caregiver interaction incorporating stories, fingerplays, and nursery rhymes plays in language acquisition: “The more time these companions can give to patient conversation, the quicker a toddler becomes fluent in his spoken language.” The take away message from Amazing Baby: Babies are amazingly complex little beings and the first two years of life are crucially important for healthy development. If you’re expecting a new little person or if your amazing baby has already arrived, check out KPL’s great Baby Storytime programs just for caregivers and their babies from birth to two years old. And don't miss Family Storytime with Mr. Steve and Friends - it's fun for all ages!


Amazing Baby

Posted by Bill Caskey at 03/09/2009 03:59:54 PM