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Getting Away From It All

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Runner is a Thomas Perry book featuring a character, Jane Whitefield, who has been out of print for about 10 years. Well, she's back! This book is in the mystery/detective/pulp fiction genre, with a twist. Jane is more a facilitiator, a protector of those who have a need to disappear and change their identity for very good reasons. You'll learn everything you've always wanted to know about setting up an alternate identity: what you'll need in the way of falsified documents, credit history, and plastic; also how to handle yourself in terms of personal security and weapons acquisition. Jane takes care of emerging situations and ensures the "Runner" makes a clean getaway. Not for the faint of heart. Jane has a tendency for overkill when it comes to eliminating the pursuit, killing off 8 of the bad guys in the last 6 chapters alone. Admittedly, all that is done to a high standard of inventiveness and sophistication, but be aware at its core Runner is a pretty violent book.





Posted by Ernie Clemence at 05/20/2009 10:24:25 AM