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Seven Keys for Seven Brothers for Seven Locks

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Author Paul Haven’s second novel for young readers is titled The Seven Keys of Balabad.  Balabad is a middle-eastern, war-torn nation that is said to have been the birthplace of an international secret society known as the Brotherhood of Arachosia.  Balabad is also the rumored hiding place of the grandest riches in the world; grander ones have never been known, heard of, or seen.

Enter Oliver Finch, a New York City kid whose dad is a journalist for a newspaper; whose mom is an art historian/curator; and whose friends are all back in the Big Apple, while Oliver is stuck in this unfamiliar, odd-customed place with no TV, video games, or pizza.

Oliver does make a couple of friends, and they get involved in an international intrigue that involves the seven keys of Balabad, which originally belonged to the good King Agamon, and each of which was given to one of Agamon’s sons.  The sons were long-ago scattered to all corners of the world, where their descendents remain to this day.  The theft of a 500-year-old carpet, the Secret Carpet of Agamon, begins a recall of each of these seven keys.  Agamon’s relatives are not the generous sort, it seems, and they all want whatever the keys unlock for themselves.

A native carpet-seller, Mr. Hagi, and a couple of other people are kidnapped; Oliver and his friends get involved; and the fun begins!

The Seven Keys of Balabad is a quick read with lots of excitement on each page.  Enjoy!


The Seven Keys of Balabad

Posted by Ann Fleming at 07/30/2009 05:20:11 PM