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The Multitude of Religions

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Some people say we are living in a "pluralistic age." What does that mean? Religious pluralism is the view that all religions have some truth to them; that all religions are valid paths to the same transcendent reality. This is one position, among many, to the variety of religious experience.

John Hick's Interpretation of Religion is, in my experience, one of the best arguments for this position. Drawing on a vast knowledge of the major religious traditions and texts, and a relevant philosophical understanding of the distinction between the world of experience and the worldbeyond experience (via Kant), Hick suggests that because religious concepts are beyond experience, it makes sense that they are so different and varied and experienced in different ways.

On a more relevant note, KPL does not have this book; however, KPL does have this book because of the great service we have in MeLCat. See the director Ann's new blog to see how you can stand up for such a crucial service to Michigan libraries.


An Interpretation of Religion

Posted by Matt Smith at 09/02/2009 08:29:03 AM