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The Problem of Evil

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Theistic minded people have wrestled with this question ever since people have started believing in a Deity: why does evil exist? In philosophy, this has been termed the "problem of evil," and formally reads: if a) God is all good, b) God is all powerful, and c) God created the world; then d) why does evil exist in the world?

Is this the best of all possible worlds? Is evil necessary for free will? Can we not understand the transcendent ways of a totally transcendant God? In this book not only does Nadler give us three unique answers to the problem of evil, but he wraps these answers nicely into three philosophical gaints of the 17th Century--LeibnizMalebranche, and Arnauld. We enter not only into a philosophical and theological debate, but into the lives and times of these thinkers.


The Best of All Possible Worlds

Posted by Matt Smith at 10/12/2009 10:13:49 AM